Why Should I Get Involved?


Students involved in activities outside the classroom perform BETTER in academics and life.




Involvement in the campus or local community is something that makes every individual a well-rounded and ideal candidate for a job upon graduation.




There’s more to the college experience than the classroom. College campuses offer endless opportunities to get involved as well.


» It allows students to become connected to their school

Colleges are full of resources, but the responsibility is on the student to seek them out. Being involved helps them to do that.

» It helps them build community

Since they’re leaving their family and sometimes their friends behind, getting involved helps them discover new friends with similar interests.

» It allows them to discover their passions and strengths

These will follow them all through life. It allows them to discover what they don’t like, too.

» It’s a résumé builder

Freshman year is not too soon to begin thinking about positioning yourself for future employment.

» Sometimes, busier people do better in all areas

This will vary a lot by the student, of course, but more free time does not always equal better grades. Being involved will require some organization and time management on the part of the student—and that’s a good thing.


Try everything at least once

You may not like every activity that you consider, so keep an open mind! Go outside of your comfort zone when looking for groups to join; oftentimes these are the most rewarding experiences. You may not think you’ll enjoy the translation club or the volunteering society, but one of the best things about college is having the opportunity to try new things.


★ Realize that being involved is an ongoing process

Involvement on campus shouldn’t be solely restricted to permanent positions or groups. Be on the lookout for temporary activities too, like service projects or campus event planning. Find out if there is an involvement or community service newsletter that you can subscribe to in order to stay up to date on the latest opportunities.




How to get involved?

Check this post : Join for the Greater Good

OR ,

Contact Student Activities Office: Click Here




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